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    I need a very small weighted quiz built for my site - I have no Perl programming knowledge and don't have the time to learn right now, and all the free quiz scripts I looked at do not do what I need.

    The first site I contacted quoted me $75 an hour - they say it looks like two hours of work. Is this the norm? Can anyone suggest someone they like for custom script?

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    Why don't you go and have a look at - you should be able to find someone there who can give you a good deal.
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    $75 an hour is pretty fair. I've seen some less but you get what you pay for. Get them to show you some examples of their work and some refrences first.

    Also, don't think cgi is the only way to do this. You have many options and cgi tends to be going out the door so you'll have a harder time getting someone to fix the script if it should ever break.

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