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    Advice for starting a unique affiliate program
    Hello all, I've got a question about how to best get my company's affiliate program up and running. Our marketing message differs pretty radically from the traditional "sell with commission" model. To give a bit of background, our product, GoldMail (, is software that combines visual content and voice to provide for more personalized communication. The way our affiliate program works is that if you sign up as an affiliate, when somebody views a GoldMail message you send out, it puts a tracking cookie on their computer that links any future purchase of the product to the appropriate affiliate ID, and commission is paid.

    That's basically where the trouble is - we're not really marketing to traditional affiliates, saying "sell our product and earn X commission", but rather saying "use our product to enhance your own communication efforts, and in the meantime you might as well be an affiliate and earn money if you happen to cause any sales". Of course, we do provide banners and links and all that usual jazz as well, but the main push is for people to simply use the main product, which traditional affiliates might not want to do.

    What I'm getting at is that we really want quantity. A lot of what I've read on this forum has referred to techniques of individually going after high profile affiliates, which is great, but it's not really what we're trying to do. So how might we go about pushing this unique affiliate marketing message? Do you think that with the program set up like we do (offering a free and business version), traditional affiliates will still be attracted? How, in short, should we market the program, and to where?

    Thanks for taking the time to read and respond, and I hope this doesn't sound like a sales pitch - I truly desire and value your advice.
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    It sounds like you're looking more for an internal referral program rather than an affiliate program.

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    Thanks for the reply Michael - but we definitely don't want to turn our affiliate program into a referral program, since we already have one of those (tell a friend).

    Maybe I wasn't clear enough as to what our program entails - I didn't want to link this in the original post so as to distance myself from self marketing, but here's a link to our affiliate page that explains the program a bit better, if you so desire to read it. (if this auto-transforms into a URL, please revert it to plain text like you did before!)
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