Due to the recent changes in the Google Affiliate Network (GAN) data feed URL structure the old links with the 4100 ids will not work anymore.


Only a small number of users have the 4100 link id in their stores for GAN merchants. Login to your account at GoldenCAN and go to the above URL to see if you have any stores in your account where you are using GAN old link id starting with 4100 for any of your GAN merchants.

If you have any stores with 4100 link id you will also see a red link in the left navigation.

GAN ERROR 4100 Stores

If you have any stores at GoldenCAN where you are using the 4100 link id, please modify these stores ASAP and update the GAN 4100 id with your GAN publisher id which starts with 2100 or your links for that merchant will not work anymore.

Follow the link below on how to get your publisher id from GAN.
How to get Publisher ID for Google Affiliate Network Merchants to use on GoldenCAN?

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Users affected with this change will also get an email notification with similar message.

If you have any question in this matter please feel free to contact us.