Here's the scenario;

-I make sale for X advertiser
-Product reports $0 commission in network
-I talk to aff. manager.
-Aff. manager talks to network, awards me commission as a bonus payment

-Then advertiser says sale was actually cancelled before the locking period
-Bonus payment automatically locks so it cant be reverted, so since I have new sales, advertiser wants to "correct" those sales so it equals the amount of the bonus payment that was "mistakenly" awarded to me.

is this legal? in the affiliate terms and conditions, the only thing that it says that advertiser can revoke commissions during the locking period. but there is no language about bonus payments.

i just can't believe an advertiser makes a mistake and wants to take it out on me, by cancelling perfectly legit orders, is this even possible?

anybodies thoughts/opinions about this?

advertiser "claims" since the sale was cancelled in the first place, their perfectly in their legal right to take future commissions away from me.