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    1 Hour Online Promotions?
    I've seen a handful of one, two and three hour sales coming in from merchants. Do you think these are effective promotions? I don't really get how it could work unless products were 75% or more off and there was a ton of advertising in advance. I don't know anyone who sits by their computer and waits to hit a one hour sale online. I've never done it and I love a great sales.
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    Is it a sale that lasts one hour, or is it something different on sale every hour throughout the day? That would keep people checking back in to see what's up.
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    I'm seeing sales that last just one hour, not all day or for like 5 hours straight.

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    Personally I think they won't be effective, I certainly wouldn't post a link to a sale that was only for an hour. I can see a several hour sale, but not some of the things that Amazon and others are attempting to do this year. I see frustrated shoppers with the Amazon stuff already. I think it will backfire.
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