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    Made Profit with Newspaper ad--will affiliate program work?
    Made Profit with Newspaper ad--will affiliate program work?


    hey everyone,

    first time here....brand new to all of this...

    geez where do i start....

    been in a business for over 10 years ( with little or no competion we can find)...have done quite well (not rich)...decided to show others how to do the business and maybe make a little money...started a website three months ago selling our "business in a box"...

    ran an ad in a major newspaper (in biz opps) for one weekend (3 days) only 27 hits but sold 5 kits...

    each biz in a box sold for $1849.00....

    want to see now if this would make a good affiliate program....want to pay $200 for tier 1 and $50 or $75 for tier 2...not sure yet..just really do not know where to start...

    it would be easier for you to comment if i could show the url...just don't know if i am able to post it here....someone please let me know ....if you want to see it to comment just pm me..
    anyway, any comments or criticism would be deeply appreciated...

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    Hello fisheye, welcome to ABW! There are some forums to help you get an idea of if it's right for you or not. Take a look at this one: Starting an Affiliate Program & Merchant Q&A - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum to start.
    No URLs here please, but there is a place for site/logo review where you can post your site for feedback.
    Good luck!

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