Happy Thanksgiving to you from the CPAWay Team. We hope that you and your family are fortunate enough to spend the holiday together. At CPAWay, this time of year means more than just spending time with family, gift giving, holiday parties and so forth. We try and give back each year by adopting a few families who do not have the ability to celebrate the holidays due to their financial situations.

For the past 3 years, (This year being our fourth)we have asked one of our local schools to provide us with wish lists from a few families in need. This year we are hoping to sponsor at least 3 families and maybe even more with a Holiday their children will never forget. In the past we have bought Toys, Clothing, Shoes, Personal Hygiene items and Bikes for each child on our list.

We ask the schools to pick us families that are TRYING to help themselves, and not just living off the system. While this isn't fair to the children of those families living off the system, we feel it is the best fit for our believes. As the parents must first try to help themselves before seeking assistance.

With this in mind, in spirit of the Holiday Season, our team has already started stocking up on Toys, Board Games, and other items for these Children. Next week we will ask the School's Social Worker to pick us a few families. Our plan this year to deliver those families each a tree, and have the kids decorate it, as well as have them provide Santa a wish list, so we can ensure we hit an item on their list to make their Christmas as great as it could be. If you wish to help this great cause, please contact your affiliate manager today, any donation is helpful. The more donated to the cause, the more families we can create a special holiday for. CPAWay is already donating a very healthy amount into the cause.

We will send updates of our progress through the Holiday Season that is upon us this year, as we launch our new blog next week, we will post updates on there for everyone to see.

Have a great holiday,
Tom, Diana, Phil, Bobbi, Sabrina, and James.