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    Exclusive Affiliate Agreements?
    Not sure if I am using the proper term but I am wondering how these work. For example say a merchant has a high end salon beauty product and was looking for affiliates to promote it. They don't want just anyone spamming it everywhere making it look cheap, so how do they find the right affiliates and how many would they take on? Would it be just 5 or 100 or 1000? Can a small affiliate program be effective or does that defeat the purpose?

    I have AM experience from the affiliate end but not the marketer's. Interested in advice and also the type of agreement I am describing here so I could research it better.

    Hypothetical situation based on true life situation

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    You can manually approve affiliates and set the criteria for sites that you want to promote the products, but you will be most successful if you don't overlimit yourself. Not every affiliate that joins a program promotes it, as an affiliate you should relate to that.

    Remember what you as an affiliate wants and will work with when you are considering things from the merchant side.

    I'm actually surprised at how many affiliates turned merchants "forget" what affiliates want and how affiliates work.
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    Okay, that makes sense, thanks

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