Hello There !

I hope I am in the right place , any way , Hi again, My name is Joe Salmon and i'm from the UK From a place called Wales . I have been in real estate for a while now and things are great. The only thing is, time, I need more time to live and become the person I need to be and put the tools down of every day life and find a way to access more time .

I 've been working on the net now for around 4 years with not much success finding out that many of these affiliate programs have hidden a genders built into them . I've always believed there was a way to have my life back and that was through the internet.

So on the back of many failed affiliate attempts , I decided to create my own unique program which is affordable but first and foremost works simply for the newest of users. It's taken me 3years, the loss of 24 properties, a split from my 25 year relationship with my partner and countless court hearing to get to this page .

I am only writing this to gain some help on how I can market my product (which I think I have over delivered on in many ways then one ) It is simple and to the point giving the subscriber the chance to earn from day one with monthly recurring incomes.

I have been told not to spam and I shall not do that BUT if there is anyone willing to have a look at this product for me and could help me market it , we could possibly strike up a working relationship and move this project to the next stage.

It has been a long hard journey focusing on the goal ahead without swaying from one great product launch to the other. We've managed to get to the finish line and the product is fantastic and works well .

We are still in pre launch doing rather alot of split testing which is going great .

SO !!

Sorry to bring so much baggage to the table on my first visit to your forum but it's great sometimes to unload it , if you Know what I mean !!

I look forward to hearing from you if you can help and I shall look forward to your forwarding comments .

With much Respect

Joe Salmon