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    2 and newegg coupons
    I was wondering if anybody can advise me on where people get those coupons for newegg.
    I am registered affiliate in
    There are some coupons circulated on the web that simply not available in any feed from for newegg.

    So people get it somewhere elese.
    Also some prices on products from are just don't reflect on current sale that newegg has.
    So here is example. Today I noticed one site advertise newegg coupon for nokia phones 10 % off. I went to newegg put it to cart and apply coupon and indeed it worked. I checked all the links for newegg at and got data feed for daily deals nothing about this coupon in there. And even more when I got the for specific phone from price in there was a regular one while newegg had it 100 off plus this coupon. So experts outhere please advise how the hell to promote their products when you don't have info on current sale.


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    I can't tell you if Newegg coupons are in the mix but others are asking where the coupons are - see this thread: Does CJ Have a Deals Datafeed? - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

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    Could the site where you found the coupon have asked NewEgg for an exclusive coupon code? Or an exclusie code could have beed scraped by a coupon site, or added by a user of that coupon site?

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    yes, could be anything and that is what I disappointed about.
    Looks like only the way to offer some competitive deals is to steal it from some other web site. As I don't have yet close relationship with Newegg, as I have just started and so I guess most of the affiliates, they can't ask for exclusive coupon. But the fact is if I to put deal for this specific phone to my site, thinking that I have some exclusive deal to offer because I am affiliate, it will be sitting there 100 dollars more expensive than it is offered for sale by some other sellers and even discounted price without coupon 50 dollars more.
    I am already crawling and parsing some deals from other sites but I thought correct way to organize things is to have some exclusive deals when they available for others. Anyways, these are just my thoughts.

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