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    Big is not Bad if ... [Article WSJ]
    Do Monopolies Rule the Internet?
    A big firm is not a bad firm if it earned its way to the top.
    Crovitz: Do Monopolies Rule the Internet? -

    Often we hear and/or read complaints about Google and Facebook becoming too large so I thought this article was refreshing.

    But as close students of economic history know, the greater threat to freedom on the Web would be for the government to decide which companies are good and which need to be broken up or punished.
    Source: Crovitz: Do Monopolies Rule the Internet? -
    I was able to see the entire article online and now it points to a subscription teaser when I look at the link again. If you can't read the article in its entirety, then Google it as I did because it is online and it's worth the read
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