I get assorted hits like this showing in my referrals logs...


(I've changed the "mypage" part from it's original name)

The ending domains change each time - in this case "qmrqmia.com"

And I get many each day where each is a single referred visitor. I guess from those domains at the end of the string. But they'll are page not found domains (as is this one).

I checked the dotster part of it out - looks like a web hosting company - if it's dotster.com... maybe they build a search feature for their hosted sites and I'm getting redirects from those? But why are the domains all kaput? Here's some I pulled from recent days:
media.net (this one resoilves to a real site)

And they all generate 404 errors on me as well - cuz the URL string is so whacky... lokms likes it's trying to pass variables and that 404's it - but I can append variable combos all day and they don't generate 404... example:

mypage.htm?client=123456&domain=abwrocks (of course I know to put a "?" after htm...)

Anybody know what this traffic is?

And who I should email telling them to switch their first "&" to an "?" so I get the visitors?