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    Google Ad Words Cert for Individuals
    Has anyone taken the Ad Words certification for an individual?

    Was the course/exam provide a strong foundation for success on that platform?

    Did potential employers react positively to the certification?

    Thanks, Right on!

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    I have taken it. I did PPC for myself and clients for years before it. I dont really think they are very good tests.

    Their latest tests are more complicated and difficult. Several consultants are boycotting them, and I was considering it. A passing grade is 85% on one test and usally between 75 and 80 on the rest. They are not easy.

    And I dont really think they are that good for preparing you to do PPC for clients. It is made by Google and they are engineer heavy so the tests are overly technical and quiz on the interfaces a lot. But you will learn something studying for them.

    They really should do more work on the basic ideas and not where to find a certain setting you may never have used, or how many characters Chinese Adwords ads can be. Seriously.

    I think it puts clients at ease and is not a bad resume builder. But the new ones only last for one year so they need to be redone often. Consider that when deciding. Or just do them once to know what they are and then say you are boycotting too.

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