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    Where can you see the items sold data For CJ
    I want to know what products I've sold. I haven't been able to locate anything but the sale amount and the commission amount.

    Is there any way that I can find out what I sold? Like the product ID#?

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    1) Performance Report

    2) On the right side: run performance report.
    select criteria for your report, e.g. by advertiser, or by site

    3) Run the report

    4) Under "items" sold, click "items".
    Certain merchants will have the breakdown of the items sold. Not all do.


    Sometimes it gives you the SKU and you can look it up that way.
    To find that SKU, go to "Transaction report" and click on the clickable amount $total for that day. Click on "detail" on the right side.

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    The merchant also has to have an itemized pixel in place for you to be able to look at the products you are selling. We are looking in to upgrading the pixel for this reason in our program.

    If it is not there the AM should be able to pull those numbers for you using the order ids.

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    it is such a pain, I gave up even trying to do it. now I only check if it's a relatively big sale.

    if I were smart, I'd create a front-end local on my site so I can just enter in the SKU and see what it is rather than go to the merchant's site, which incidentally works about 90% of the time for this particular merchant. sometimes the SKU (or whatever it is) comes up as no results on their site.

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