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    I'm in the process of starting an affiliate program. Of all the programs I've seen, Kowabunga's seems to be the best. However, I've never used them as an affiliate and I want to know how much people trust them. When I was doing more affiliate marketing, I got to trust CJ and distrust Linkshare and BeFree. Before signing up with Kowabunga, I want to make sure that the affiliate community as a whole trusts them and likes working with their merchants. Otherwise I'm concerned that I'll start a program and attract very little interest.

    If anyone writes back saying they don't trust Kowabunga, please let me know who you do trust.

    Thanks, Dave

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    Nothing against Kowabunga but like you, I never use them. I would but I always check SAS for merchants first and usually can find what I need there. By the time I am done with the SAS merchants, I am ready to move on to a new category and just don't get to Kowabunga.

    So, my feeling is that there is less chance of attracting affiliates. Kowabunga needs to work harder at keeping their name in front of affiliates than they do.

    Seems like it has been quite a while since I have seen them post ANYTHING here. They are too easily forgotten and they do not seem to have any excited, successful affiliates pushing them.

    Honestly, if it were me, I would go with SAS. Better chance of affiliates just finding your program there. I think you will need to work even harder at recruitment if you use Kowabunga.
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    KB vs SAS is not an apples to apples comparison imho so here are some random

    Both offer good support but in some ways they are fundamentally different.

    KB is software.
    With KB you have more information about your affiliates.
    You approve the sale and push them through after checking for fraud etc.
    You must recruit on your own until you can get exposure in Kolimbo which can
    take 6 months.
    At the present time, you write the checks.

    SAS is a service.
    Exact details about the affiliates is not complete for their protection I
    Sales go through automatically and you then pull sales back those that were fraud
    You can gain exposure to the entire network by running ads on the login
    They write the checks.

    We use KB for the indy and SAS for network exposure.

    Mike Mackin

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    Thank you for the explaination. I have been kind of confused on it, myself. I guess, I was thinking of Kolimbo or something. I am pretty certain they have some kind of a network thing going on.

    So, I guess it depends on what you want to be, an indy or a network merchant.

    I like both indies and SAS merchants. But, tell you the truth, I always check SAS first. I really like those consolidated checks. I look for indies when I can't get what I need at SAS.
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    You might want to talk to Andy Rodriguez (his forum is here: (

    Andy has used Kowabunga and has a pretty good handle on what it will and won't do.


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    KB resells and hosts and services MyAp Tracking solution and OptIn Pro among others:

    I've worked with several merchants who have used KB with these products.

    The products they carry are the best Indy packages in my opinion. So that's good!

    And when I've written to KB for support, as an affiliate (for merchants through them), I've always gotten answers back imediately!! Excellent.

    I don't think they find affiliates for you as much as supplying tools, software, hosting and other logistics for you to run an indy - which they do very well in my opinion.

    And I have a STRONG preference for indies that use MyAp - integrates with other packages easily and has the features I look for - mainly extensive SID so I can php my way to ROI for PPC campaigns. Without it, I'm blind.

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    Hi, I'm a KowaBunga! Kahuna.

    Just wanted to clarify for you that is the affiliate software solution we sell - and - is the open network we've recently launched. Kolimbo is effectively a centralized site containing most of our merchants to allow affiliates much easier access to them rather than managing multiple indy accounts.

    Every MyAP program gets listed within Kolimbo immediately - the 6 months wait that Mike mentioned above is for a KB Approval Rating.

    We can also write checks for you too.

    If you have any questions about the actual MyAP software or Kolimbo, or want a demo, then feel free to contact us.

    Good luck with launching your new program.

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    Mike: Great explanation of the differences. My two cents: No worries with the MyAP software. We prefer consolidated payments, of course, but indies that use MyAP pose no problem.

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