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    A Great Avantlink Merchant Story
    Popped 3 sales this week with a merchant that we've developed a very good relationship with that looked a little on the "uh oh, one of their customer service reps has our cookie going" side.

    I dropped my contact a note with a heads up and he confirmed. They had come to our site to read a piece we did then clicked through to their own website through one of our links.

    However, he took the high road, kept the commissions in place, and went about figuring a way to prevent it from happening in the future.

    These days, it's getting hard to find a good merchant/affiliate relationship story on the hallowed pages that is ABW. So I just thought I'd share as proof that with some work, some trust, and some value on your website, you can still have a great Win/Win affiliate relationship.

    Kudos to my new favorite merchant, who shall remain a secret for the time being
    Kevin Webster
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    That is great to hear they honored the commissions anyway.

    Kevin, if you want to shoot me an email to let me know who that merchant is, I can help them be sure that won't happen again. We have an IP address restriction setting they can use to restrict sales from posting from their office IP address(es).


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