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    May 31st, 2006
    Houston TX
    Smile Anybody in to biking - Mountain Bike
    Picked up an entry level MTB a few months ago and I have been all over town and a few trails on it. Enjoying life and jumping off 3-5ft embankments on a trail

    So do you ride?

    If you are around Houston, San Antonio or Austin area, let me know

    Here is my bike

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    I got one a few months back. My daughter had left hers here and I had started riding in the cane fields. The farmers around here keep the dirt roads in their feels fairly smooth. We have a cane field right behind the house, and I built a little bridge across the ditch between us and the field. It seem like good exercise. Tonight I had only thirty minutes so 15 out and 15 back. Can't go right after a rain though. I don't care much for riding where cars are.

    Mine is a low end Mongoose from Academy, but works for my needs. It only has the disk break on the front.

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    Smile I ride my bike on the street for exercise
    I ride my bike on the street, for exercise. It's not a mountain bike, it's a regular 18 speed bike with 26" tires. I ride into town, 3 to 5 days a week. About 15 - 20 minutes each way. Riding a bike is wonderful exercise. Much less destructive on the body than running, jogging or walking.

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    Houston TX
    @ John, just stay out of the harvesters way and also cane truck when they are harvesting the cane. I used to work close to a cane field and they go storming out of the fields are 30-40mph.

    @ Lanny, that is a good way to keep fit.
    That and swimming. The ridding that I am doing with my bike is not too good for my knees but I can still swing it

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    I LOVE to mountain bike. Too bad we are so far away it would have been nice to have someone new to ride with. I have a Giant Reign. You will have to make your way out to Utah for some supreme biking in Moab, St George and Salt Lake :^). I am probably driving to ASW this year so I can do some biking in St George on my way.

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    @Eric Ewe Cycling has been my life for some time. From what I know there are some killer trails in Texas. I know for me I wanted to find guys to ride with and follow, help me get better. Check out for great trail ideas. or ask me I have a knack for hunting them down.

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    Nice bike, Eric. I rarely get off road except for some occasional camping, but I commute on my bike now and then. Since I spend so much time sitting at the computer it's been a godsend; with a weekend hike it's the only exercise I get these days. Even with LA traffic (not so bad at 6:30), my bike has been a valuable addition to my life. I hope you get many years of enjoyment and adventure from your Cannondale.

    BTW: Ever read Adventure Cycling? America's Bicycle Travel Inspiration & Resource - Adventure Cycling Association
    Membership is cheap and the mag is slender but a good read. Some of the articles are available online.
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