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    Talking Social networking to drive targeted traffic
    For ten years the traffic to my websites has been sourced mainly from search engines to optimized sites and pages, but it keeps dwindling and dwindling as competition continues. This model served me well for years but is a dying cash cow. RIP to search engine marketing IMHO.

    I'm preparing to change my focus from search engines to social networking. I envision a model where I have a single web page with simple links to each affiliate merchant, as well as a link on my web site where I provide useful content about that merchant if anyone should want to know more about a merchant and their products. I'll try to solicit and post user reviews on those supplemental pages.

    Then I'll build a following on social networks and notify my followers of special offerings from those merchants, or some other useful information. In this fashion I'll hope to have my followers access my web page that has the merchant links and follow them when they want to shop or buy from any one of my listed merchants.

    I'll offer a simple mobile app and a mobile-friendly web page of links to my affiliate merchants for followers when they are on the go. As internet TV evolves I'll also offer a TV-friendly web page. The whole idea is to make it real simple and easy for my social network followers to connect to the merchants on my affiliate list, no matter where they are ... in front of their home or office desktop computer, out traveling or at home sitting in their easy chair.

    With this model, success would be based on social networking skills, not on search engine positioning or advertising.

    I'm sure some facets of this model are not new but I'm still throwing it out for discussion. Any comments will be welcome and appreciated.

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    I've found social networking is important, but it's not the end-all.

    Taking Twitter as an example, I've built up a following both organically and systematically. Twitter is over-saturated despite a recent report that less than 20% of its users are active. It's also a spam haven (and subsequently, all links are nofollow including the profile URL which some advertise that helps you get indexed with google).

    Many argue the importance of the number of followers on Twitter, or lack thereof. I am one who realized that because of the flurry of activity on it, the more targeted followers you have, the larger your audience and the more likely your tweets will be noticed. From there you hope for re-tweets, because your tweet is there one hour and buried the next.

    Generally speaking, only when a celebrity or high-profile person retweets me do I ever see any residual/ongoing benefit.

    Facebook sometimes seems a better option (I have about 10% the likes on FB than I do followers on Twitter) and does allow for an easier threaded back and forth, but again, I think the focus is more on the now than the long term. Even if someone likes your page, are they really reading and going back to your updates on your page or are they watching your updates stream with everyone else's on their home page?

    Now this is all mostly white/greyhat area. If you're looking to spam, there is a distinct advantage to Twitter in that Google now includes it in real time in their recent searches. So you could target traffic based on that and hope Google will end up sending you people that way.

    But for me, organic is the only real way to sustain traffic and for that, it appears keyword-rich domain names are best along with proper incoming links with targeted keyword text.

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    It would definitely be an interesting model! I myself would definitely like to spend more time networking rather than pleasing Google!

    But it's tougher now I believe. Bradk got a point about the actual Twitter saturation. Still, it forces us to stand out, communicate differently. I think the best way to use twitter is by stopping the link dropping, bringing value, reacting to what people say, asking questions, just caring about what people do, people who might be interested in the products we promote of course.

    I think it's a model that is possible, it's just that many marketers see "network marketing" as using social networks as marketing tools but if treated as such, they loose their true purpose and this kind of marketing becomes ineffective I think. Well that's from my experience of course.

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    I like working on social networking but never thought out this kind of model. And i wonder if the visitors find a suitable provider, will he visit your website again or directly contact the product provider?

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    One big difference is that people on search engines are actively searching for something while people on social networks are basically just hanging out.

    So yes, someone might see your post on their Facebook wall, but they are not in the buying mood at that point. You might peak their interest, but the click through and conversion rate will be much smaller compared to someone who finds a link while conducting a search for something.
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    Social networking is targeted by vendors or service providers for its powerful impact on two way traffic. As we know link wheel creation is made so easy with social networking sites with quality back links. Here you get the direct traffic from social networks and your PR gets rated high in SE. So a secondary traffic is generated from search Engine.

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