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    Just got started with datafeeds but one of the things that concern me is how the search engines will treat them. I mean I can have my site immediately display 700 new pages 1 per product today or i can have it so that it adds them 1 a day or 3 a day

    Would it matter to the search engines? I know Google loves to slap the datafeed folks hard and they dont like big sites appearing overnight... so just wondering what is a good idea here? the shoulds and should nots thanks
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    If you have good rankings with certain keywords in Google I would tread carefully. Getting good rankings in Google is very hard these days. I am sure one of the Pros here will give you some good advice. Once Google slaps you it takes time to get back in their good books.
    It's got to the point now that one has to protect their rankings and not _iss off the Google Machine.

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    I don't think it really matters to be honest. The problem with figuring out Google SEO is Google doesn't tell you and you can easily people who are adamant that either answer is correct. There are just too many variables.

    The reality is Google won't index all your pages at once and I don't believe you suffer for it. Pages will basically just trickle into the index.

    I don't personally believe Google penalizes datafeed people either. It's all about the SEO and quality of content and the fact that you're competing against dozens of others doing the same thing. If 20 people are doing the same thing, at least 10 of them won't be in the top 10 results.

    That said, I do believe Google is looking out for the web surfer and not the websites so it's not so much penalizing sites that are looking to sell things, but it's about raising sites that provide what the user is looking for.

    It's just too easy to blame Google for one's non-successes. Not saying you are, but others do.
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    If you drip out products they may be gone or changed by the time you get them even posted.
    Deborah Carney

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    sitemaps (not site indexes) help. check google's Webmaster Tools.

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    What would be most useful to the users of your site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by loxly View Post
    If you drip out products they may be gone or changed by the time you get them even posted.
    Precisely, the reason I don't "drip".

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