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    Question GAN Error: Sorry, we cannot process your request at this time.Invalid Request
    I still getting the error "Sorry, we cannot process your request at this time.Invalid Request" almost every day when adding links from GAN Is anyone else getting this and is their a fix??? Most time I have to back page and hit Links (Beta) again and hope it works. This has been going on for months. Am I alone.

    fyi I using IE8 & this happens on both of my computers.
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    That was happening to me for a little while but the links recovered and started directing properly after a couple of days. My conversion rates on GAN had plummeted before that (last August or so) - and have not recovered since - so I can't help but wonder if GAN is having a very serious problem in tracking or reporting of sales.
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    All the time.. I get that EVERY day..

    Assumed it was my stubborn use of Safari, which has its own issues...

    Conversion has tanked - dollar-wise - when all other networks have experienced gains. I'm too busy to troubleshoot.. lots of other merchants to promote.

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    Same here. I have to go back one screen in the GAN GUI, click on Get Links (or whatever it's called) and reload the screen. It usually works the second time I go to it.

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    I was having that problem all the time, gave up bothering with GAN. If I can't add links, then what is the point?

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    Awesome news! I'm glad to see that the $30+ they stole from me when they merged their affiliates accounts with Adcrap and booted me out has gone to good use building a robust system.
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    My sales dried up too, until I realized I had to update my old links. At some point last year, the old "clickserve" links stopped working because they were changed to "gan.doubleclick" links.

    Make sure you update all of your old links to the new ones.

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