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    Does anybody have some tips for selling on ebay ?
    I like to end my auctions 7PM PST to hopefully get more bids from the east coast and west coast.

    If I'm selling an item where there are a lot similar itmes up for bid I only do three day auctions. If my item is a little rarer I do a 7 day auction so more eyes can see it.

    The big question I have is the starting bids and reserve prices. Some people swear that by starting a no reserver auction at $1 you will end up getting more bids and higher bids. I'm just too chicken to try it out though. I don't want to get $50 for something I know is worth $300.

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    January 17th, 2005
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    I find that it's really useful to check mark the completed listings section and search your term (to look for similar items that you're selling).

    This lets you see what items like yours have sold for, for how much, how many bids they got, etc... So just by looking at that you can tell whether or not people will bid on it (check if there are items listed with no bids, or little bids)

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    Here are the tips that should help you. I have been working in the auction industry for the past 5 years and there are some undeniable truths.

    1. On eBay, close your items on Sunday evenings unless it is business related and then close on Friday afternoons. (i.e. adding machines on Friday, collectible sports cards on Sunday night)

    2. Write a complete description and include all of your policies on the description page. Take a good photograph of the item and do not be afraid to identify the flaws. They like honesty.

    3. Shipping is the hidden profit area in some categories. Some people list items at $1 with $6 shipping for certain items. This is the trend in those categories so go with the flow.

    4. I have sold items starting at $1 for 20% more than listing them at what I call a 1-bid price. I have also sold the same item for 50% less when I started at $1. It is a crapshoot based on what is there that week.

    Track everything you do and at some point you will see a pattern evolve. This doesn't mean that the eBay community won't change that pattern as soon as you figure it out. eBay is the world's largest sociological experiment that there is.

    Hope this helps.
    Chris Mayr
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