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    Response from Affiliates
    I am kind of new to the whole Affiliate Marketing world but have been working through CJ to help build's affiliate program. I am struggling with getting affiliates to respond to my emails. I have made several attempts to email them both through our CJ mail account and through my personal account. How can I get more of a response from my affiliates?

    Hope to get some input on this soon. Thanks in advance.

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    This is the busiest time of year for affiliates - I'm finding it difficult to keep up with all the merchant promotions arriving in my inbox, let alone respond to them. General merchant enquiries, or new program announcements, are at the bottom of the list - no time.

    What makes matters worse is the number of merchants with ever-changing temporary offers (few days free shipping, followed by weekend discount, etc). If I want to remain competitive in my niche, they all have to be posted.

    I wouldn't take it as a reflection of your program, this is a frantic period for publishers.

    Just my two-cents worth as a publisher..

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    Sobongo how about a first name in your signature? Personalization is a key to communication. Contacting affiliates is no different then email marketing and your subject line is the key factor. You need to write a specific subject line and personalize it with their domain. Be specific because super affiliates receive 1000 emails a day so you have a split second to get their attention.

    Us a branded email address both in your CJ program and outbound email communication. I generally use affiliatemanager@ or something identifiable.

    Are you offering them something? Couponers want real coupons not a deal. Search affiliates want a specific policy. Do you have an exclusive offer rather than an exclusive coupon for loyalty affiliates?

    It can take 3-6 months to get a super affiliate to recognize you and read your email. Are you using a contact manager to track your conversation? Don't badger them, email no more than every two weeks. You should email directly then re-enforce with an internal email.

    An email needs to be simple and specific. Targeted into paragraph, links and a closing sentence with call to action. Make sure you tuned signature block with several ways to contact you.

    Take advantage of CJ's weekly promotional opportunities, you may only get into it once a month but apply weekly with something of value.

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    Thank you both, for the helpful feedback. I know this is a busy time for a lot of people but I just wanted to make sure I was taking all of the right steps to building a relationship with my affiliates.

    Any other feedback is much appreciated!

    Brittany Cole
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