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    It probably is.....but maybe not?

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    far far away....
    this is possible.. if you want to work 10-12 days, 7 days a week...

    There are free articles and ebooks floating around the net, that tell you how to do this...

    so hang on to your money... if you just have buy something... send your money to me I need all i can get... have a new house to pay for...

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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    He's offering an ebook with a list of wholesalers who will dropship products for you. You can compile your own list fairly easily just using Google. But bear in mind there are an awful lot of other people selling on eBay and there's always someone who'll be happy with less profit...

    The REAL secret of making money on eBay (IMO) is to concentrate on a niche market and actually stock the products you are selling rather than relying on someone else doing it for you. That way you only advertise what you KNOW you can supply and won't get caught out if the wholesaler runs out of stock of something you've just sold.

    I started seriously selling on eBay around 3 months ago, and am on target to sell around £5000 (around $9000) of product this month and the profit on that just about covers the stockholding I carry. Hopefully next month I'll actually earn enough to draw some money out of the business!

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    I have been in the on-line auction industry for the past 5 years or so and have seen every scam and make money now on eBay deal that is out there.

    I will just give you the inside on making money on eBay right here and you can send me the $39.99 when you get a chance.

    Hard work, unique inventory, good pricing and good customer service.

    Sorry, but eBay is just like every other business out there. Just like affiliate marketing, there is now sure fire, get rich quick scheme to making your first million by 5:00 this afternoon. And just like affiliate marketing, what worked today, may not work tomorrow.

    Just get good products, take care of your customers and put inthe hours and you will do quite well.
    Chris Mayr
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