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    Hi guys,

    One of the bits of info I want to provide to affs when I test is if particular removal/detection applications are detecting the particular adware. Now I can't check this for every spyware removal app out there, so I'd like to hear from you which applications you are most interested in knowing this about. I'll probably have to limit it to 10 or so applications.

    Just post the application(s) you are most interested in. Thanks!

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    Obvious choices are Ad-Aware and SpyBot R&D as those 2 are the most popular. ABW should Campaign to get them to remove the network cookie blocking parts by eliminating the network Adwhore data mining spyware schemes. A list for us to post on our sites of the rogue phoney Detect/Removal tools run by the parasite firms would be helpful.

    We can then pressure the networks to tar and feather these wanks killing off this industry.
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