Greetings all

ABW newbie here.

I'm currently using AdWords to send traffic to my site, and then selling a product from CJ for commission.

So far, I've just been tracking this by counting a click on the CJ link as a "conversion", for the purposes of reporting back to AdWords. However, I've been finding that some of my AdWords ads draw in customers that like to click that link, but don't really want to buy the product. This also doesn't let me use the Content Network, because I can't distinguish Content Network-generated sales from those generated by my Search campaign.

My other alternative is to set up a CJ SID. Not knowing (or using) PHP, this would be very difficult. I'd have to change my whole site to PHP, redirect everything, and change all of my ads. I'd also have to feed that data into a big Excel sheet, and then regularly manually adjust all my CPA's based on it.

Is there any better way of doing this whole thing? Having CJ report back to AdWords would be great, but I don't think that's possible. I also can't embed any code on a post-sale "Thankyou" page, because the merchant won't allow that.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide to this Penguin. Any advice is greatly appreciated.