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Thread: Join the T.M. Lewin program today!

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    Join the T.M. Lewin program today!
    Join the T.M.Lewin Program on!

    Established in 1898, T.M.Lewin is a traditional Jermyn Street, London, tailor offering a wide range of high-quality items for both men and women.

    We offer a range of menswear including shirts, suits, ties, cufflinks, casualwear, outerwear and accessories, as well as a distinctive range of womenswear - shirts, suits, knitwear and accessories. New patterns and styles, such as the John Francomb range, offer extensive choice to find the perfect combinations that inject personality into traditional but modern business wear.

    As well as high-quality, value and great service, we also offer a no-nonsense guarantee where, for whatever reason, if a customer is not entirely happy with their purchase, they can return it to within 3 months for an exchange or refund.

    T.M.Lewin is ideal for fashion websites, male and female lifestyle websites, as well as entertainment blogs and websites.

    The T.M.Lewin Affiliate program provides a wide variety of creative, including animated banners as well as a thorough selection of text links. Standard format creative will be provided for each new offer, collection, or promotion as regularly as appropriate.

    Frequent product launches will be communicated to all affiliates with copy and support for marketing purposes. Predicted best-seller information and imagery, as well as popular products with the US market can also be provided on request.

    11% launch commission the first 1-3 months the program is launched. 9% base commission thereafter and bonus incentives for well-performing affiliates. Average order value of up to $245 for US customers, and transactions will be validated once a month at 30-days i.e. January transactions will be validated at the end of February.

    Cookie Length:
    30 days

    PPC Policy
    • Affiliates are not allowed to bid on the T.M.Lewin brand name, any derivation or misspellings.

    • We ask for brand and misspell terms to be included as negative keywords in all search engine marketing campaigns. This includes, but is not limited to; T.M.Lewin, tmlewin,, T.M.Lewin, t m lewin,,

    • Affiliates found bidding on these terms may have pending transactions cancelled or face suspension from the program.

    • Use of the T.M.Lewin and/or misspells in a site display URL is prohibited in any PPC campaigns.

    • Use of the T.M.Lewin and/or misspells in a site domain is prohibited in any PPC campaigns.

    • Affiliates wishing to promote T.M.Lewin using the PPC channel must do so using their own websites or landing pages. Affiliates must not use a URL redirect to take the customer directly to the T.M.Lewin website from a PPC advertiser.

    • Bidding on generic keywords such as ‘men’s suits’ or ‘men’s ties’ is encouraged, but must not include the T.M.Lewin or derivatives within ad copy or titles.

    • Use of Google Base, or Froogle™ is not allowed as we already run product feeds into the Affiliate Network.

    Voucher Code Usage:
    Any promotional and incentive offers and codes must be authorised through Use of unauthorised codes will result in non-payment of commission and possible suspension from the programme. We closely monitor all voucher codes used in affiliate sales.

    Additional Information:
    Affiliates are encouraged to join our community for up-to-date news and information about T.M.Lewin and other noteworthy stories. Information included in posts, blogs, updates etc. can be used and incorporated into true content within an affiliate’s site. The T.M.Lewin community currently consists of:

    Please contact with any questions about the T.M.Lewin affiliate program.

    Please apply today!

    Karen Varecka
    Account Manager
    Phone: (888) 791-0341 x6
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