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    Please leave a name and Email Address
    It it so frustrating to me when I am trying to contact one of my publishers, and they do not have a name or an email address. The only contact info says "account manager email".

    I am much more likely to approve an application, or work out a problem if there is a specific contact. Even if there is a company email address for the affiliate team, it's better than nothing.

    Happy Weekend to Everyone!


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    Susan, CJ doesn't moderate here or have a spokes person so you won't get an answer. Some of their employees do read this but won't respond. That said it is a forum to vent in and I feel your same frustration. If you have an account management team you can ask them for help. I have direct relationships with top affiliates I have worked with for half a decade. It is frustrating though when your president tells you to get on the phone each month with the top affiliates and you can reach some (of course I work for myself now).

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    Many affiliates don't want to be contacted for a variety of reasons. They work through the network to allow access to their information or not.

    If you want transparency you would need to run an inhouse program. But then many of the publishers you have now may not have found you. Affiliates like the layer of privacy working with a network gives them.

    Going to events like Affiliate Summit will give affiliates a chance to get to know you and give them the level of confidence to share their personal information.

    If you need to contact an affiliate, do it through the network interface and then you can determine whether or not you want to work with them via their reply, or non-reply. Many affiliates are "solo" and not part of a company with an "affiliate team".
    Deborah Carney

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