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    December 13th, 2010
    Question SWIFT wire transfer (bank transfer)/Payoneer/etc.
    For those international affiliates who still do not have direct deposit option will you plan something like payoneer or wire transfer (similar to IBAN/ABA routing or so just via europe SWIFT) ? Simply let me explain... while you think checks are OK they are basically stone age, maybe for US it's not true, but for rest of the world - yeah

    You pay net 20, then you send check to some country which let's say will take 30 days in average or more sometimes (sometimes less, rarely), then cashing check/incasso will take another 30 or even 60 days.

    Do you see my point ? I find it pathetic that being in business for 10 years you still have only checks and DD. Someone mentioned paypal, ok you don't want it cause of some security reasons, really not sure (I can't be paid by it anyway, only pay with it).

    There are payoneer which used by a lot of companies to make it easy to pay for international affiliates. There are bank transfers.

    Please make it possible. Nobody wants to get money after 3 monthes of earning or later. And checks are secure ? Seriously ? I hope it was a joke Paypal much safer

    Looks like you guys very conservative, not sure how it helps business, it may not hurt - yes, but still... I hope to be listened to

    You say are not ok with mail forwardings/virtual offices, but people setup them not for fraud but to be paid faster and it's so easy today, so many options!

    Looking forward to hear from you.

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    December 17th, 2010
    checks must die
    I agree - please, anything but checks for international affiliates. Outside of North America they are death to cash-flow, and expensive to redeem.

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