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    How to create link to any page for a advertiser?
    I see most of stores don't support deep linking. What I want is to generate affiliate URL to any page of a store by program. Can anyone help? I could be able to do this for linkshare, cj and google affiliate. I am still new to pepperjam.

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    Currently, PJN does not have an option for affiliates to create their own links other than through the deep linking option. Instructions on how to deep link are located in our FAQ.

    As you mentioned, some merchants donít allow deep linking, but many would be more than willing to work with the affiliates directly to create links that direct to specific URLs of their choice. In the interface, you can view each merchantís program terms, which lists the name, email address and phone number of the person who manages the program. You can reach out to them directly about creating specific links for you if their program doesnít allow deep linking.

    If you have any further questions, please donít hesitate to contact us at or (570) 408-9861.


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