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    importance of sitemaps being long?
    I have a site with a datafeed. I have two blogs connected to it which help with my keywords, and I use a format where I do have keywords on each page along with the datafeed products.

    I recently used a tool that comes with my hosting package to write a new xml sitemap that goes up to 1000 pages. When it was finished, it said that it actually indexed 23,000 pages. How important is it for the search engines that I index all those pages? Should I find a generator that would index more pages or stick with the 1,000 that are indexed now?

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    the object of a sitemap is to tell the search engines of pages they might not otherwise find. I'd look for another sitemap generator.

    you will find, also, that not all pages in the sitemap get indexed. just a fact of life.

    hope this helps

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    I have never seen a auto sitemap maker that make decent maps all the ones I tried the code was bad. So you might want to check the code it writes, if the code is bad you are just wasting your time.

    the SEs will crawl your site any way the map just give them a route to go by and you can submit maps so they get crawled quicker.

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    site map is much important for a site. it helps to find your site by search engines.. indexing more pages is good. but i don't think its so much important. site map just accelerates the indexing process when you submit them ti search engine. nothing else.

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    Seems you wrote it just for search engine, how many pages google indexed from your website everyday? Then what if tommorrow it index 22,000 pages, you think what will happen? Just suggestion, never try add 22,000 pages in a single day.
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    I add as many as 22,000 pages a day, and more, from datafeeds and then I submit a new site map to G and it has never hurt me at all.

    G starts indexing the new pages just as soon as I submit the new site map.

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    I won't hurt to add a sitemap however, its only required when your pages are not getting indexed by search engines as they should...

    sitemaps just help crawlers to find the urls which are not interlinked properly or would have otherwise hard to discover.

    You can add as many urls as you want in a sitemap and their is no limit on the maximum number of pages you can have in a sitemap

    To get most out of your sitemap submission, you must notify Google as soon as your sitemap gets updated
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