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    Make A Page
    Is there anyone here using Shareasale's make a page? How does it perform?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mailman View Post
    Is there anyone here using Shareasale's make a page? How does it perform?
    Are you using it with images? I'm using them and it's ok at best. However, that might be just because I'm relatively new to the affiliate side of things.
    It can be frustrating at times though, if you make a mistake you have to input all your queries again and the keyword search field only allows one word at a time.

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    I love it. I combine it with two or three other tools and it makes life a lot easier.
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    I call it "Make A Mess" lol. The code and the resulting display is usually quite a mess. But if you're building pages link-by-link from scratch, it's very handy for retrieving links for individual products in categorized batches.
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    It is my first choice. It is not perfect. Is a little clumsy. Does not work well with some merchants.........The value of the end product sorta depends on how well the merchant datafeed is set up.

    I can make revisions to products and I can erase products.

    If makeapage does not work for a particular merchant, then I revert to pop-shops as a backup.
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    Works well for me. Just takes a bit of "tinkering" to get exactly what I want.
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    I use it here and there. It would help if SAS gave you the option of not using their inline styles. Otherwise it can be very useful. You may want to tweek the pages a little for better SEO.

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