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    Still 'Pending'

    i registered with this merchant about a month ago and was able to get banners and place them on my site: - 27252

    However in my SAS account it still has Pending next to it, i've tried using the contact button a couple of times to confirm with them i have been fully accepted, but with no reply.

    Any ideas?



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    jacked by sylon
    I doubt you'll get paid by them if you make a sale. You need to remove their links from your site.

    Their stats show no affiliate sales or anything since last November 15.

    Another Merchant just taking you for a free ride.

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    Hi Mandala & BurgerBoy,

    We managed the program for a very short time, and discontinued due to nonpayment. The program was set to manual approval, and it sounds like they aren't doing that. You may want to try the email link on their homepage?

    I apologize for the issues you are having with them.

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    If they're so negligent as to not have time to process affiliate applications (something that will put more money into their own pockets), then you can be pretty sure that the idea of putting money in the affiliate's pocket would be a matter of even less concern to them.

    Try They seem to have their act together.
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    if there on manual approval then your approved so if ur still pending they are not on manual

    If u placed links up ( I don't know how u got them if ur still pending approval) you will not be paid for any sales.

    Remove the links and if u really want them as a merchant , send them an email but i wouldn't bother as they obviously dont care
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