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    Who visits Groupon?
    Just got a tasty demographic report today about the Groupon consumer and thought I'd share...

    As might be expected, Groupon visitors tend to skew more female. However, what is interesting is that we have an older audience compared to the average internet user. Part of that might be because of the simplicity of our site, the idea of one main deal a day?

    Another point to note is that according to the report, Groupon visitors are less likely to have children. Though, through the affiliate channel, I have to say that we see a lot of moms coming in looking for family-related deals, like the Picture it on Canvas and Sears Portrait deals. I'm guessing that our affiliates are tapping into a key demographic that we as a whole haven't yet.

    Groupon visitors also tend to have a higher overall income, which makes sense, because Groupons tend to be spontaneous purchases. So even though they are an affordable price point, they're still experiences that a consumer might not consume unless they had disposable income.

    Anyway, do with it what you will, I just thought it was good food for thought! Wishing you all a very lovely and prosperous holiday season!

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    Groupon demographic = my wife.

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    That is way more succinct.

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    Me. Daily.

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    Good to know, guess I need to get it up on my oldfartlife blog.
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