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    Coaching programs
    Can anyone recommend a good coaching program for someone brand new to affiliate marketing. I'm interested in a program with one-on -one mentoring and hand holding, when necessary

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    Hello BK. Welcome to ABestWeb.

    The Affiliate Academy, right here at ABW, contains a wealth of information. Admittedly, it is on a self-serve basis - but is a good way to gain some basic information. There are so may topics it may seem overwhelming - and please don't try to go through everything right away. Read the titles carefully and see what may apply (in the beginning). Right here in the AffiliateABCs section there are many - one topic entries. For example check out #6, Website Basics - and you can "listen while you work."

    Have you started anything yet in affiliate marketing? Do you have a website, blog, or???
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    What Bill said. You can also try programs like affiliit.

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    BK if you want 1:1 coaching take a look at James Martel. Have known James for years and talk with him regularly at industry conferences.
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    Hi BK - You won't go wrong in following Bill's advice below: "The Affiliate Academy, right here at ABW". I've been through it several time and continue to learn.

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