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    McAfee program issues
    Seems like something weird going on lately with the McAfee affiliate program with Linkshare.

    Selection of banners has been slashed to only a handful. One product I was selling apparently is removed from the program as there are no links available now for it. In another case- the code for one banner as pictured in the selection list actually places a completely different banner when I copy it over to my site.

    Text links are also minimal- One text link promotes McAfee Family Protection but it takes you to a different product page when you click it. That’s the only link available for this product so I guess I’m just sol for getting any conversions for this product

    I’ve sent at least 3 emails regarding these issues over the last few weeks to the affiliate manage link for this program with no response to any of them. I received an email to McAfee affiliates offering a special bonus if I could get my sales up. I’d sure like to but it would help if I had more of the product line to push- some more banners and text links to choose from and links that work-

    Sorry if I am in the wrong place with this. Can’t seem to reach a live body for support so I thought I would try here.

    By the way I've been an affiliate for several years and it's been a great program.

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    Intel recently purchased McAfee. Not sure how/if this affects their affiliate program.
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