Lately I've been linking to BestBuy search results, but I'm worried about URL format and length. Let's say I want to link to "kingston ram" search results, and show top rated products only. It gives me a monster URL like this:

Then I put the above URL into "BestBuy.com Re-Direct Link" (10597222) in CJ system, which makes it even longer. Here's what I was wondering about:

1. Is there some way to get a nicer / shorter URL, or perhaps a CJ text link where you can input a search query instead of direct URL?

2. Could linking to search results like this cause tracking problems? I think I even saw session ID in that search URL so it might not be a good idea to link to it?

Of course I know I can link to specific products, but in some cases I'd like to have a single URL linking to a page on BestBuy that lists several products at once.