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    Getting accepted by GameStop
    I'd love some advice on getting accepted by GameStop affiliate program on LinkShare. I applied there about a year ago with a small MMORPG blog where I'd just write about this one online game. It was denied. Now I'm starting a blog with a broader topic (video games in general) and I'd love to use GameStop links on it.

    Before applying I want to make sure I have a chance to get in, because apparently if you get denied (twice?) you can't re-apply And from my personal experience contacting affiliate managers for help about getting accepted never works.

    Here are the parts I'm worried about:

    1) Does GameStop only accept affiliates from the US? I know for a fact some CJ merchants reject me automatically because of my location (Eastern Europe).

    2) Do you need a site with lots of traffic? How much monthly unique hits approximately? (If that's the case I'll wait to build up traffic before applying).

    3) Do they look at your existing LinkShare earnings from other programs? I make under $5 a month from SecondLife affiliate program there and that's it. The reason I joined LinKShare in the first place was because GameStop is using it...

    If you managed to get into GameStop affiliate program with a small site, or perhaps not being located in the US, maybe you can share some tips Thanks!
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    Perhaps you can find other game merchants that don't game their affiliates:

    Promoting GameStop? Keep your eyes open!
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    How about GoGamer on CJ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bibby View Post
    How about GoGamer on CJ?
    Thanks for the suggestion. I took a look and it seems I was declined for that program some time ago

    Anyway, the reason why I'm interested in GameStop is because as far as I understand it's the most popular place to buy games in the US. So I'd be kind of missing out if I don't promote it. I'm already an Amazon affiliate but I'd really like to be able to link to a big name like Gamestop as well.

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    I got accepted
    I hope you don't mind me updating this topic. I just thought I'd share my experience with Gamestop affiliate program.

    The good news is, I got accepted. So it's not required to be a citizen of US. The bad news is, the conversion rate is quite terrible! I get thousands of clicks with no sales Amazon converts much better.

    It could be my site that's at fault, although personally I think it might be just the way people shop at Gamestop - they might check the prices and info online, and then go to the store to buy the game (while Amazon is online-only, hence the better conversions).

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    Contact the AM for the program. One of their duties is to help affiliate convert.

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