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    Today I received the email below:
    "Over the next few days you will be receiving an email regarding changes to our Terms of Service. It has been decided that Lionsdeal will be ending partnerships with all coupon affiliates effective Jan 15 2011. All affiliates will be eligible for monthly bonuses up until said date, but will be removed on the 15th if they meet any of the criteria listed below. Our goal by providing you with this information now is to ensure that our affiliates have enough notice to make any necessary changes.
    The terms will be stated as follows: does not accept Coupon Affiliate websites: A “Coupon Affiliate” is an affiliate whose business model substantially consists of making coupons available. Factors that may lead to classification as “Coupon Affiliate” include, but are not limited to (i) the presence of coupon offerings, especially from many different merchants, on the affiliate’s website, especially if such coupons represent many different merchants and/or are indexed or are organized in a directory; (ii) the presence of certain words (or variations or misspellings thereof) in the website’s URL or prominently featured in the website’s content, such as “coupons,” “deals” or “savings”; (iii) a website that is focused on other merchants and the discounts or promotions offered by them, rather than on products, and that features little original, human-generated content. Whether an affiliate is classified as a Coupon Affiliate shall be determined by in its sole discretion

    It's funny that a merchant with the word deal in its name will ban coupon affiliates especially if their websites contain the words "coupons, deals or savings".
    will they ban themselves?

    I don't really care since I didn't promote them much. I didn't wait until they made the move...I temrinated the relationship.
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