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    A Tough Wordpress Lesson Learned
    Just found out why our sales plummeted today and yesterday. Dumb me, but lesson learned.

    I had installed a keyword linking plugin (Categories Autolink by Alberto Lombardo) that takes exact match phrases and links them to the approprite category. Awesome idea on the surface.

    However, if your keyword appeared in your link text to the Buy URL, it was killing the Buy link.

    Oddly, our click through numbers were still good, since I don't have the keyword/category combos in 100% of the pages. But, killed the plug in, and I expect tomorrow to be a better day.

    Point being, if you install a new plugin, don't just do a spot check for conflicts and assume everything is ok. Do a very thorough check.
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    Man.. I get that alot. But for me its.. Everything seems to be still working.. on Firefox and Chrome. I never check IE until my wife goes on my site 3 weeks later and asks why something looks like it does!

    Example: my redirect was working on firefox and chrome but was for some reason hanging up on IE. Nice. No one using IE was transferred to the the merchant.

    Hopefully better luck tomorrow!

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    Yeah it sucks when you make a change to your website to see sales drop, it happened to me a few weeks ago until realized I missed something in the code.
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    What affiliate network should I use
    posted in the wrong place, sorry
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