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    How can I get affiliate credit for phone sales?
    I am advertising for one advertiser and i have noticed less sales, and when i found out, The advertiser has his phone number on the website
    so if the Customer call, It's impossible to Track the sale
    How can i track the sale, when the advertiser has his phone number on the landing page as first option to buy

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    This is what we call a "Leak" and you should check the landing pages you send people to before you start sending traffic to leaky merchants.

    Some networks offer phone tracking, that is when someone clicks through and calls in an order the merchant is supposed to ask for the code that shows on the page. Not 100% guaranteed, but better than no phone tracking. If the merchant's rep forgets to ask for the code or if the shopper doesn't bother to scroll down to the bottom of the page where many merchants plant the code, then no code gets passed.

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    while it is possible for a merchant to add software to a page with which to track phone number sales, many don't. it is up to you, whether to complain or not, or to stay with the merchant or not.

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    I'm guessing this is part of the reason that links that go directly to a hotel chain site don't do all that well? Too easy for the consumer to ring them up on their toll free number?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkgourmet View Post
    I'm guessing this is part of the reason that links that go directly to a hotel chain site don't do all that well? Too easy for the consumer to ring them up on their toll free number?
    Agreed. The majority of my income is from hotels - but NONE of my destination sites have links going directly to a "chain" website. They all go through consolidators and/or through our own affiliate program.

    If a merchant has a phone number for orders and does not include your affiliate tracking code - they are essentially skimming off your customers, which effectively reduces your commission rate. That is what the industry calls a leak and that is not good for your business. So, unless you are happy with reduced commissions and you condone skimming, my advice would be to drop them and replace them with a competitor.
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    Depending on the networked used the merchant can add a source referrer like "source=affiliate" then have the server not display the phone number. There is an option for the merchant to partner with Ring Revenue with most top networks and track via server number. Its a hard sell with a merchant who is not willing to make changes to satisfy the affiliates. For a lead gen program we gave the top producers their own 800# and leads went up 40%.

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