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    Getting started i could use a few pointers if anyone can help. I am looking to become an affiliate network for credit cards, or atleast be an affiliate with the ability to have sub agents. I have researched a variety of different websites and what i have found so far is that the best posted payout i can find so far are at but i dont think they have the capabilities for me to use the sub agents or pick and choose which cards i would like displayed on my site. in addition i need an interface gives affiliates like myself the ability to view and grab their stats quickly and easily. provide reporting on the product level, category level, and agent (sub) ID level. On top of this, also report sales as soon as possible. This all seems possible at but i can not find their payout commission structure and it is also hard to find anyone at their company to talk to me as a newbie in the industry. In addition to that i can not find a single review about their program anywhere. If anyone has any insight about them or any other company that i could use that would meet my needs please please help. My looking around for someone to help has turned from hours to days. Any one who would also have any time to go through some of the basics with me i would be more than willing to compensate aswell.

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    My advice would be to start with the easiest option. The easiest option might be to start with just free links to various credit cards without even signing up for an affiliate program. If you find a good program in CJ or GAN with a high EPC, then use that one.

    You need to get beyond the exact partner issue so you can start testing your plan. Once you have a website and traffic that is converting, then you can spend more time on finding the best credit card affiliate program. What you will find is that that issue of who to send your traffic to is the easy part. The hard part is getting quality traffic to your site. Work on that issue first.

    For my travel sites, I could have spent months debating between Expedia and Orbitz, but the truth was that I just needed to start creating content and figuring out how to get traffic to my sites. Once the traffic started coming, it was easy to test which affiliate programs worked the best.
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    Clickbank does not offer the type of programs that the OP asked about, it wouldn't help them at all to join Clickbank.

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    Credit Cards
    Credit cards are very strict about how their cards are promoted. What you are wanting to do is what is doing. They are big enough to have made special arrangements with credit card issuers.

    Before my position was outsourced to Vietnam I did web design and maintenance for a large credit card site, and by large I mean in excess of $250,000 in commissions each month.

    We would get updates from the issuers with instructions like "don't post this before 4:00 p.m. on such and such a date." We also received notices of potential compliance violations by combining two bullet points into one rather than posting exactly what the company had sent us.

    The financial crisis and stricter credit rules are making credit cards less attractive as an affiliate program for "little guys" than it once was, especially for someone wanting to build a network of subaffiliates.

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