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    Setting up iDev to pay commissions only on paid subscriptions
    Hey guys,

    New poster here but will probably be around more often. As a matter of fact, relatively new to the whole affiliate thing in general, so please forgive me if this doesn't make sense.

    My current headache:

    We currently have a website that has 3 subscribing options. Members can join monthly ($99 signup + $30/month), 6 month membership ($249.00), or a year membership ($399). Some of our traffic, probably 10-20% comes to us through affiliates. However, as we relaunched the website, one of the features that we added was a 1-week free trial for new members. For this option, upon registering, signups enter their credit card information, and if they cancel within 7days, they are never charged. However, if they do not cancel within 7 days, they are charged the $129.98 for the first month and 29.99 monthly from then on until they do cancel.

    The problem that we are having currently is that many new users are signing up for the monthly option with the 1 week free trial. However, our affiliate software is awarding the affiliates a commission on each trial signup. HOWEVER, there is no payment transaction until AFTER 7 days, and many of the "signups" (that aren't actually signups) will cancel before 7 days are over. So, we cannot pay affiliates for each member that they have signup for a trial membership, as we will never receive payments from many of them...

    Is anyone in this same situation? We currently use idevaffiliate but are definietly open to use a different software if this is possible to integrate.

    Any and all help/suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!


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    Moderator Note: I've moved your thread to the Affiliate Manager section and renamed the title to be more descriptive.

    I don't have an answer for you, but it sounds like a configuration issue. Most "free trial" lead merchants offer a small lead fee for free trials and a larger payout for those trials that convert to (or directly purchase) a paid subscription. I suspect that it's a little more involved to set up that way than the standard configuration. I would suggest contacting iDev.

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