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    Affiliates of orbit, cheapo air, and others
    American airlines has pulled out of orbit. Delta has pulled out of a few other, smaller programs. This article also discusses the airline industry's desire to charge a fee to merchants/publishers who sell a plane ticket to a consumer (versus the current setup where the airlines pays a commission to the merchant/publisher when they sell a ticket to a consumer.)

    interesting reading for those who have travel sites.

    American Airlines pulls fares from Orbitz - Travel - News -
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    The airlines have always been good at "shooting themselves in the foot" and then crying to the government for "help" because they are losing money. So the "new strategy" for selling tickets is to have affiliates pay them for the privilege of selling their tickets. Yeah, right.

    I have sold quite a few hotel reservations over last 11 years and still do. However, I never could make any serious money on air sales. Today I no longer have air links on any of my sites (earn more from AdSense). In addition, the only time I fly on a major airline is if it's too far to drive and/or fly myself. (Like to ASW11 next month. )
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    Crazy. I wonder if American Airlines is freaking out (along with a lot of other companies in the travel sector) because Google bought ITA. One way to reduce the chance that Google will control all flight searches/purchases is to remove flight information from everywhere other than the airline's website.

    For me, travel commissions are too small anyway and difficult to get. People go to lots of travel websites before making an actual purchase so the conversion rate is difficult. If Google uses the ITA aquisition to make a good comparison tool that is monetized for publishers, then I will glady test it on my travel sites.
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