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Thread: [CJ] - Ceiling Fans, Lighting Fixtures, Gas Logs, Fireplace Items

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    [CJ] - Ceiling Fans, Lighting Fixtures, Gas Logs, Fireplace Items
    Hello Everyone,

    We're proud to announce another addition to the Family -!

    About us:

    Hansen Wholesale was the very first company to bring ceiling fans and fireplace decor to the Internet. We've been in business since 1976 supplying these products to retail customers and wholesale buyers all over the country. But In late 1994, we turned left onto the information superhighway by creating a website using America Online. Early on, we predicted great potential on the Internet, so in 1995 we branched away from America Online and launched this website, which has have been here ever since. Our years of experience dealing with online customers from all over the world at both the retail and wholesale level gives us a sharp competitive edge and has helped us grow into one of the single largest suppliers of ceiling fans, lighting, and fireplace decor on the Internet.

    Bullet Points:

    # Guaranteed lowest prices!

    # Most of our manufacturers require us to sell our product at a fixed price to match all other retailers but we come up with innovative ways to discount like free shipping and paying for tax on the order!

    # Huge Selection of ceiling fans, gas logs, lighting fixtures and more!

    # Sell a wide variety of "green" energy saving products

    # Phone sales tracking!

    # Dedicated Affiliate Program Management by

    Program Detail:

    Commission 10%
    Cookie Duration 120 days
    Datafeed: Yes

    Sign Up Now Here:

    Best regards,

    Priscilla Nuñez

    P: (407) 619-8799 | F: (407) 650-2820

    New* with
    Follow us on Twitter:
    Find us on Facebook:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Priscilla Nuñez View Post
    Hello Everyone,
    # Guaranteed lowest prices!
    I signed up to your CJ program a few days back and Expired it the same day... when I noticed the banner on top which says Call 1-800... for "Guaranteed lowest prices"

    My business logic usually is that if a Merchant is actively diverting Affiliate traffic to Phone sales, then its reasonable to assume that even actual Web sales won't be tracked.

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