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    Exclamation Amercian Debt Enders Reversals
    Has anyone had success with the American Debt Enders program? I received a commission yesterday (From their pay per call program) and hours later it was reversed.

    In looking at this merchant's reversal history, here's what I found:

    7 day reversal - 257.14 %
    30 day reversal - 106.76 %

    Either the merchant is in a sector where earning revenue and having legitimate sales is nearly impossible or something else is going on.

    Whatever their reason, affiliates should learn from my lesson. I looks like this merchant is reversing every sale that comes their way.
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    Response to Concern About Pay per Call Commissions
    Hello Anthony,

    To address your concerns. I have attached a spreadsheet with

    the call you can see, 90 % of the calls are less than 20 seconds.

    Many affiliates are doing some type of Ipod, blast or texting, which seems

    to generate a call unknowingly by the receiver. This is not an effective way to market

    our service. I have redacted the originating phone numbers--

    You can see, that the call originating from your number has not even registered

    in the platform yet. Our call hours are 10am to 8pm--

    I was working the pay per call inbound calls alone on 12/24--until 1pm today..

    Although Shareasale registered a call in excess of 3 minutes, on 12/24

    the call appears no where. Not even in the Digital reports for our

    877 service... I can assure you I did not spk to anyone, and no message was left,

    and so far no record of this call.

    It is not unusual for calls to come in on off hours and simply loop

    in excess of 3 minutes, generating a payout --when their was no call or lead....

    We have no interest in depriving anyone of their earned commissions.

    Additionally, all calls are recorded....I am happy to make available
    any voided lead call, provided it does not violate the privacy policy.

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    I was going to post your reply here but you beat me to it. Thanks for your response.

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    Steven from American Debt Enders sent me a call report. I have to applaud Steven's response, explanation and care in this matter.

    I generally have a rule of not posting here until I've heard back from the merchant. I jumped the gun in this incident and should have waited for Steven the AM to respond.

    I have to man up and express my sincere apologies to Steven. I should follow my own rules before jumping the gun.

    In my opinion, Steven has answered my questions and concerns!
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    well done.
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