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    pending offers?
    I noticed on Shareasale that there's no option for viewing pending offers. Is that correct, or am I just missing something? Other networks have methods for merchants to extend private offers (temporary or permanent) so I was just curious where I view these in Shareasale?

    I'm trying to get more disciplined about reviewing pending offers on a weekly basis, so I just need some insight into where that exists on Shareasale.

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    Dustin, merchants and managers cannot push offers to non-joined affiliates in the SAS system. You have to join the programs or we have to hunt you down and communicate with you externally.

    If you are joined in a program, we can change your commission privately and you receive an instant email.

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    What Greg you want to keep up with what is new...

    Under the "View and Search Merchant List" there is a category for "NEW programs in the last 20 days."
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    SAS doesn't have anything like that.

    I know in CJ you have a link like - Review 12 offer(s) pending your approval. And with that, you pretty much have to accept or you'll be moved into them automatically or in some cases dropped from the program.

    And Linkshare they have a link like - View Private Offers (46) And with those you can choose to accept them or not.

    Saw your other post. Don't see anything like that with GAN either.
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    Thanks everyone, I really need to do a better job of staying on top of all the various merchants I'm working with and when any sort of status changes, so this helps a lot. I get so much promotional email and stuff like that, so I try to stay on top of it... But I know sometimes thinks slip through.

    Thanks again!

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    From your affiliate dashboard on SAS under the Get Links list of options click the 'Deals/Coupons' ( link. From here you can either search the deals/coupon database or below that on the left is a link to 'View all current deals/coupons' followed by 'View all current deals/coupons (your merchants only)' along with a couple of additional options. Or you can subscribe to the XML feed and receive the automatic notification when any SAS merchant posts a new deal or coupon. With the RSS notification I usually see the alert within 30-60 minutes of posting a new deal or coupon in the database.

    With SAS as soon as the merchant adds the deal to the database it's published for the affiliates to view. As an example today I'll be posting an offer we have starting tomorrow. The deal and all information will be available once I submit it but start date will be 1/4/2011. However, on the rare occasion I post a deal in advance I've had affiliates post the deal or coupon as soon as it's published without regard to the start date which can create complications. As a result I rarely post deals or coupons very far in advance in the SAS database.

    I hope this helps.

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