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    Merchant "best sellers"
    many merchant websites have a list of "best sellers" or offer an item sort by best sellers, but the items that show up look fishy to superCool (not at all what would be expected). do you believe these lists to typically be true best sellers or do you think that some merchants play games with these lists?

    any inside info or experience with "best seller" lists?

    fankth for any thoughts on this!
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    Speaking from past experience in offline retail, "best sellers" may at times be items that actually may be a special purchase and a merchant wants to feature or might be a style they hope to sell a bit more of before it's marked down or put in clearance.

    Yes, I've noticed the same thing online, seeing best sellers lists with some quirky items. But in all fairness, I've had some of the strangest things sell very well & then see those items listed as best sellers in a merchant's aff newsletter or on their website.

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    Lots of things could be in play. A couple that come to mind:

    1) They might be a low volume merchant, and best seller lists can be quirky if there's not enough volume.

    2) Maybe they have an affiliate (or good search rankings) for a fairly obscure product.

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