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    Which Wordpress theme for affiliate site?
    On my other (non-affiliate) soites I always use the free 'Mystique' theme because it looks good, has a lot of functionality, and I know all (!) of its little quirks and foibles.

    For the venture into (hopefully) serious affiliate marketing, I am thinking o a bought premium theme. I have looked at Thesis and Affiliate theme. It is hard getting 'real user' opinions as most reviews seem to be selling it via affiliate marketing

    I won der if anyone here has experience of these themes and can advise on their suitability for a gambling affiliate site/s?

    Thank you


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    Never used it, but in my experiences, Thesis appears to be one of the most highly regarded of the premiums.

    I myself was never sold on a premium until I found WordPress Adsense Theme - HeatMap Theme Pro v4 which out of the box has 23 (I think) widget/positions for ads/whatever and a whole subset of child themes for color variations. It's $70 for lifelong updates, unlimited domains (when I bought it, it was $35/year). Full WP 3.x support too.

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    I would stick with what you know, unless you find one you think would provide some solid benefits that would be worth the cost and learning curve.

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    Mystique looks fine to me, Michael's advice is good. I would think that Thesis and Affiliate theme do well because they have ton's of affiliates promoting them.

    Personally I think design is about 1% or 5% of your challenge (with a new venture), so don't spend much money or time on it until your venture can pay for it out of real earnings.

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    Thesis theme is actually used by a lot of webmasters, affiliates or not. They have a lot of affiliates because it works and they want to recommend it. Thesis is more of a framework and less of a theme. We did an Affiliate ABCs spotlight with the founder recently and he has some of the background on how it works and why it is good in that podcast. And no, I'm not managing them or consulting them. I don't even have their aff link on most of the sites I'm using the theme on. Just a straight backlink.

    Here is the link to the podcast here at ABW:
    Affiliate ABCs #39 - Merchant Spotlight - DIY Themes - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum
    Deborah Carney

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelColey View Post
    I would stick with what you know, unless you find one you think would provide some solid benefits that would be worth the cost and learning curve.
    I agree with Michael.

    Loxly's information is worth checking out too
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    Thank you all so much for this info/links. Obviously a new venture requires a lot of thinking and I am still in the initial info-gathering stage. But this forum seems both friendly and a hive of solid bottom-line info.

    I look forward to participating as things develop.


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