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    to _blank or not to _blank aff links?
    With all the pop-up blockers and tool bars, have any of you use "open in a new window or tab" function (target="_blank") for your links?
    I was just thinking about this last night and wondered what you all think.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

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    For me, it depends on what the user might expect or find most useful. If they're probably only there to buy that item, just open it in the same page. If you think they'll continue to use your site after they finish their purchase, open in a new window. If you think it might be a good mix or that they would appreciate a choice, use the Wikipedia-type standard of defaulting to opening on the same page but having an "open in new window" link after all your links.

    For INTERNAL links, I always open on the same page. The above is just for external (usually affiliate) links.

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    a good pop-up blocker should open up any new window that's induced by clicking on a link, I have to subscribe to that theory.

    I try to always use _blank. I know a lot of people discourage that because of the resources/user (in)convenience, but I myself often get frustrated when a site doesn't use it and I either forget to go back to the original site or just plain get lost.
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