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    Affiliate Approach
    I'm sure this must have been discussed but was not able to find a relevant thread for it.

    I want to discuss here about what are the different options/approaches in which the merchant should be present on the affiliate site. At a broad level, we can have
    - General information articles about the product. This can lead to the merchant site and the merchant has no branding in form of banners on the affiliate site. In short, its invisible to the customer.
    - Banners and product description. Here the affiliate would have more specific information and also banners of the merchant, so it looks more of an advertisement as compared to previous one.
    - Further integration. Here the affiliate is more active in terms of giving information and also collecting customer details.

    Also, how feasible is the I-frames option where the merchant keeps a page at his end and the affiliate provides a frame on his site which links to the merchant page. Here the affiliate would not have control on the content that is shown and the merchant can better control it at his end.

    Looking forward for your inputs on this.

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    Are you trying to figure every conceivable option to decide which will be restricted? If yes then good luck because affiliates are test beds for all kinds of ways to list your site. You are better off screening sites. In my experience if you start off restrictive the bigger affiliates will pass.

    Check with your network as an i-frame may be against their policy. I allow it in particular for lead gen to keep the site framed. Generally it is at the request of the affiliate, then approved.

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    IFRAMEs are probably best to avoid. They can be confusing and deceptive to consumers, they're sometimes used by fraudulent affiliates, and cookies set through them may become session-only cookies.

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